Printing & Packaging Industry



Product Name Usage
Glutex-460 Paper and Packaging works.
Glutex-460 (MB) For paper works.
Glutex-460 (NA) High strength multi-ply paper tube.
Glutex-461 For paper works in labeling, corrugated cartoon manufacturing, paper tube manufacturing etc.
Glutex-40N For paper works and food packaging.
Glutex-30 Paper to PVC, PP, PE Substrate, varnish coated board.
Glutex-30A Paper to PVC, PP, PE substrate, coated board.
Glutex-LB BOPP/PET/PVC/ Poly styrene film to paper lamination.
Glutex-PAL Adhesive for paper to aluminum foil lamination.
Glutex-440 Paper and Packaging works.
Glutex-PSA For BOPP adhesive tape, adhesive sticker, hologram sticker etc.
Glutex-TG Adhesive for paper to plastic, metal and glass.
Plastiper-A1 Paper to different plastic bonding.
Plastiper-B Paper to plastic bottle labeling (HDPE, LDPE, PP).